Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting my website at This page has information about the privacy policy for this site.

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy and data are protected.

This policy outlines how Dr Marilena Tzafettas uses and protects any information you provide when you use this website or our services.

Dr Marilena Tzafettas is the data controller for Dr Marilena Tzafettas’ Psychological services. In this policy, “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Dr Marilena Tzafettas.

Policy Objectives

This policy describes how personal data and privacy is managed and protected to meet our data protection standards and to comply with; i) the UK law and EU regulations for data protection; and ii) the British Psychological Society practice standards.

This objectives of this policy are outlines below:

  • Comply with data protection law and follow good practice.
  • Protect the rights of our patients.
  • Comply with data protection law.
  • Be transparent on how we store and process individuals’ data.
  • Protect us and our data subjects from the risks of a data breach.

How we process personal information.

We normally collect information such as Name, age, gender; Contact information including home address, contact telephone, email address.

We have a legitimate interest in using the personal data and sensitive personal data that we collect to provide health care and treatment. The data collected is necessary to provide psychological therapy to clients.

You might also be asked for information on how you sourced by Dr Marilena Tzafettas’ services for the purpose of anonymised marketing research. You can choose not to disclose this information if you wish. No information you provide is passed on without your consent. We will never sell your information to others.

 We take your privacy seriously. Your personal information will only be used to provide the services you have requested from her.

If you do not provide the personal information requested, then we might be unable to provide a service to you.

How long we keep personal information

We will only store your personal information for as long as it is required.  Basic contact information held on a mobile phone is deleted at the end of therapy.

The sensitive personal data defined above is stored for a period of 7 years after the end of therapy. After this time, this data is deleted at the end of each calendar year.

We use the information collected to:

  • Provide services to you.
  • Process and account for payment for such services.

How we might share personal information

We hold information about each client and the therapy they receive in confidence. This means that we will not normally share your personal information with anyone else. However, there are exceptions to this when there may be need for liaison with other parties:

  • If you are referred by your health insurance provider, or otherwise claiming through a health insurance policy to fund therapy, then we will share appointment schedules with that organisation for the purposes of billing. Information might also be shared with that organisation to provide treatment updates if they request it or if you wish for Dr Marilena Tzafettas to apply for extra treatment sessions over and above those already funded.

In exceptional circumstances, we might need to share personal information with relevant authorities:

  • When there is need-to-know information for another health provider, such as your GP.
  • When disclosure is in the public interest, to prevent a miscarriage of justice or where there is a legal duty, for example a Court Order.
  • When the information concerns risk of harm to the client, or risk of harm to another adult or a child. We will discuss such a proposed disclosure with you unless it is exceptional circumstances when it is an emergency or believed that to do so could increase the level of risk to you or to someone else.

What we will NOT do with your personal information

We will not share your personal information with third-parties for marketing purposes or any other unauthorised reason.

Your right to access the personal information we hold about you

  • You have a right to access the information that is held about you.
  • We will usually share this with you within 14 days of receiving a request.
  • There may be an admin fee for supplying the information to you.
  • Further evidence might be requested from you to check your identity.
  • A copy of your personal information will usually be sent to you in a permanent form (that is, a printed copy).
  • You have a right to get your personal information corrected if it is inaccurate.
  • You can complain to a regulator. If you think that Dr Marilena Tzafettas hasn’t complied with data protection laws, you have a right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a request to delete a client’s personal information where this constitutes therapy records. Therapy records are retained for a period of 7 years in accordance with the guidelines and requirements for record keeping by The British Psychological Society (BPS; 2000) and The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC; 2017).